Team Tony is a gift that keeps on giving. I am a five year cancer survivor. Myhusband Bill and I enjoy giving back to our community, because the communitytreated us so well during my breast cancer journey.Team Tony gives us the opportunity to fulfill a promise we made to each other, thatafter my treatment, we would pay it forward and help other cancer patients findconfidence and hope during their cancer journey.Bill and I attended the Team Tony training program. We felt right at home, becauseall the incredible people in the room shared the same vision and mission.Soon after the training, I was connected with a cancer patient that will undergo thesame treatment I completed. This is a gift to me to be able to inspire, encourage, andwalk beside a cancer patient that is experiencing the unknown at this time.Team Tony created a gift giving program that allows survivors to give the gift offriendship to a newly diagnosed cancer patient needing support. The cancer patientreceives the gift of support, knowledge & encouragement to complete their cancerjourney in a positive manner.Team Tony has also taught us to be kind to ourselves. When a cancer patient comesfull circle and receives the gift of good health, we need to show up in our lives tomaintain that gift. TT Active-Cancer Connection offers exercise, friendship, laughter& support. Our favorite activity is walk and talk. We walk the bridge in Sarasota onSunday mornings with team members & friends. We are also looking forward tobecoming more involved with the upcoming Team Tony events. The future is whatwe make it, and being involved with such a positive program, we feel our lives willbe full of great moments.