Becoming a Teammate

Becoming a teammate on our cancer survivor support team can be a rewarding experience. As a cancer survivor, you have a unique insight to offer others. You remember how scary it was to hear those three words, You have cancer. This is an opportunity to comfort someone who is headed up a mountain you already traversed.

To the cancer fighter, a teammate is an invaluable asset, one person in a mix of friends, family and coworkers who can comprehend first-hand the battle ahead and offer a shared experience.

If you live in the Florida Suncoast region and are interested in becoming a teammate, please fill out an application.

After your application has been reviewed, you will be asked to meet with the program director and/or Tony.  Once accepted into the program, teammates are required to complete a training session.

The training is to give you the knowledge and skills to work with the cancer fighter you paired with. It will assist you in knowing what to say and what not to say.
To become someone cancer survivor teammate, please fill out our application below. Someone will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application.

Become a Team Tony Teammate