I first learned about Team Tony from one of their volunteers during my breast cancer treatment at Florida Cancer Specialists. After finishing the worst of my treatment, I was introduced to Team Tony’s Angela Long by a mutual friend. Angela put me in contact with Team Tony’s coordinator, Michelle. Soon I was participating in a training program to become a mentor for other cancer fighters. I was so excited to help others, as I had received so much love and support from so many friends and strangers.
My first pairing was with a fighter who faced a less invasive treatment protocol than myself, but her emotional scars were the same. It’s been 2 years since that first Team Tony match and Angie and I are still friends!
I started a Cancer Survivor Ministry at my church after learning they didn’t already have one and invited Team Tony to come to one of our gatherings to explain what they do and how other cancer survivors can get involved. It was wonderful to have Tony himself join us and tell his story – what an inspiration! We look forward to seeing him again soon.
~Erin Richard