Teammate Training Workshop

A workshop to enhance your skills and gain confidence as a peer mentor for others facing cancer.

Team Tony Cancer Connection Center
3562 Osprey Ave., Suite C
Sarasota, FL 34239

Date: Thursday, August 15, 2024
Time: 5:30 to 9pm

You’ve been matched with a Support Seeker. Now what? On the one hand, you’re happy that you can support someone through their cancer journey so they’re not alone. On the other hand, you wonder if you have the skills to be a helpful, supportive volunteer Teammate. This fun, informative, and educational training will help you gain confidence and support you in your role as a Team Tony Teammate.

Training presented by Lori Kayser, Leadership/Cancer Coach and C.O.O, Xperience, LLC

Lori is Co-founder of Team Tony Cancer Foundation, a Leadership Coach, Cancer Coach, and C.O.O. at Xperience, LLC. She spent 20 years in corporate America, 15 of those as a Financial Advisor. She felt a calling to change careers to coaching and supporting individuals through challenge after overcoming her own adversity. Lori shares, “Through my journey with cancer, twenty-one surgeries, the paralysis of my left leg, and managing chronic diseases, I’ve been surrounded by love, compassion, and support. It’s the glue that helped me hold it all together and thrive in spite of the challenges. Team Tony Cancer Foundation and I are dedicated to helping others thrive in spite of cancer by providing support, comfort, education and sharing our life and experiences.”

Lori credits Tony as her inspiration to overcoming the many obstacles in her life. “The times when I felt alone, scared, and overwhelmed, I knew Tony was there to help talk through my fears. He’s positively impacted my life on so many levels and I’m eternally grateful for/to him.”

Lori graduated from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program, she has a Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (Based on the University of Pennsylvania’s Applied Positive Psychology Masters Program), is certified in Foundations in PACT, and a degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. She is dedicated to a life of learning and providing a platform for others to learn and grow.