Our Crew

Tony is a brain cancer survivor,  who previously worked at Village Bikes in Sarasota, FL. Tony was in the cycling industry for over fifteen years and has extensive knowledge in the many facets of biking from the recreational rider to the diehard tri-athlete. An active adventure racer, cyclist, and sporting event organizer, Tony brings a wealth of information to assist our community with finding the right bike to fit their needs. After conquering his battle with brain cancer, Tony felt compelled to use his experiences with cancer to raise awareness for the critical need for programs focused on providing support to those diagnosed with cancer. He believes more needs to be done to help cancer fighters stay engaged in active and goal-oriented living and have the support they need to thrive, not just survive cancer. It is this passionate belief that led Tony to create Team Tony Foundation in September of 2010..

Lori is the co-founder of Team Tony Cancer Foundation, a Leadership Coach, Cancer Coach, and C.O.O. at Xperience, LLC. Lori graduated from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program, has a Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (Based on the University of Pennsylvania’s Applied Positive Psychology Master’s Program), is certified in Foundations in PACT, and has a degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. She is dedicated to a life of learning and providing a platform for others to learn and grow.

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