A cancer diagnosis is a leap into a journey of medical tests, doctors, nurses and hospitals. If the patient asks, there are support systems available for amyriad of cancers, thanks to organizations like Team Tony. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago and joined a cancer support group, but my biggest support came from my husband. He was my caregiver. My husband is also a cancer survivor and I was his caregiver, twice.
A caregiver provides emotional support, encouragement, ensures the patient is taking their meds, communicates with medical teams, family and friends…the list goes on what caregivers do.
But caregivers need support too, as they can feel isolated, scared, overwhelmed and the pressure to be a constant “cheerleader.”
Michelle Mussett was able to match me with a woman who reached out to find someone who would understand the role she had been thrust into. This person and I bonded instantly because of our shared role as caregiver. Helping people to survive cancer emotionally has been a driving force for
me since my diagnosis. Now knowing that I can further giveback to the cancer community by supporting caregivers, well, “that’s priceless!