After 52 years in the Retail industry (Department Stores, Jewelry and two of my own businesses), Karen and I decided to retire in Sarasota, a town we both enjoyed visiting and vacationing for many years. We moved to Sarasota in May 2013 and shortly after that I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and had surgery and Chemotherapy starting October 2013. Chemo lasted for 7 months and during that time I had the opportunity of experiencing and learning about Team Tony Volunteers and the wonderful work that they accomplish with Cancer patients. I began volunteering at FCS in the beginning in May of 2014 with my current, weekly volunteer program. It has been and continues to be one of the most satisfying “jobs” I’ve done in my life. The contact with Cancer patients, undergoing treatment, the highs, lows and the confusion involved has made this chapter of my life incredibly fulfilling. I look forward to every week working with the patients and the incredibly professional team of Nurses, to help bring some smiles, peace and support to many of these patients who have become like family and friends. The opportunity to work with the Team Tony organization and being part of such needed support has been my small token of giving back a little part of what I continue to receive.